These aren't just the four steps of our process.
They're four giant leaps for mankind.

And it's how we help companies take advantage of the Periphery instead of settling for traditional strategy.


Take a stand.

Purpose is bigger than strategy – strategies are about the means, they are not about the end in themselves. We help companies take a stand for something that truly matters


Create your culture.

We help leaders design, build and sustain the culture required to do the work they want to achieve. We focus on uncomplicating the complicated, and putting fun back into the workplace


Woo clients.

A great company not only sustains itself, but it provides continuing evidence of the value of its existence.  It not only makes products and provides services that people want but it does so in a way that makes people glad that this particular company has come into existence



The role of business is changing – businesses need to step up and help solve societal issues in order for their workforce, communities and environment to thrive and in turn for their business to be sustainable. We connect companies to causes that align with their purpose and the problems they are trying to solve