It started when Chuck Allen formed Periphery in 2013 as a consulting practice specializing in executive coaching, change leadership, and communications. The term "Periphery" originally applied to people and referred to "the more meaningful, full-color, full-throttle life you could be living if you would avert your eyes from the daily routine." And it was the basis for his coaching of executives.

Enter Rilla Delorier.

Halfway through a year-long sabbatical, Rilla got fidgety and started eyeballing Periphery. And as many people know, Rilla's M.O. is to step into a perfectly good business and slap a rocket booster on its back. So she quickly expanded the idea of the Periphery to apply to business, knowing that tomorrow's companies will need to avert their eyes from their traditional routines to take advantage of the more meaningful, full-color, full-throttle results available to courageous, culture-oriented companies of the future. And this has become the basis of her coaching of organizations.

While Chuck helps leaders bring the best version of themselves to work, Rilla helps those leaders build the best version of their companies.

Together, they are living out their personal mission to have fun and make a difference.

The Marriage of Doing and Being


Chief Doing Officer

Chief Doing Officer

rilla delorier

Companies call Rilla when culture and strategy are in need of clear vision and strong leadership. She's passionate about embracing disruption to fuel innovation and rethink strategy. Her strength is to unlock growth by clarifying purpose and delivering sustainable value for employees, clients, shareholders and society.

Although she's frequently been ranked among the 25 most powerful women in banking, she has expanded her reach beyond financial institutions to help organizations and leaders interested in doing meaningful work in the world.

  • Fortune 500 CMO
  • Harvard MBA
  • Ran $2.7B retail bank
  • Managed digital channels and major technology projects
  • Top ranked strategy consultant and a record-setting sales leader
Chief Being Officer

Chief Being Officer

chuck allen

Chuck has over 20 years of experience helping leaders build influence, achieve greater balance, lead through change, and communicate more effectively. He has built and led management & leadership training organizations, served as an Internal Communications Director, been an executive speechwriter, and stood up and led an Org Change Management function -- all for Fortune 500 companies.

Most of his clients are C-suite executives and are juggling multiple priorities, competing demands, and have unrealistic timelines and budgets. Perfect! 

He is closely affiliated with Realm, an integrated marketing agency that has served as his go-to creative team for many years.

A former U.S. Marine, his greatest passion is helping leaders build whole lives worth emulating, not just management personas in the workplace. He helps leaders learn to put the oxygen mask on themselves first so they can be more effective at dealing with the daily demands of leadership and life.