Check your company's strategic plan. Chances are, purpose and culture are found in the Periphery, if they're included at all. We bring these critical strategy elements back into focus, where they do the most good.

Periphery helps companies harness purpose and culture to drive sustainable growth and positive social impact.

A paradigm shift is taking place in business. The rules for succeeding – for creating strategic advantage – have fundamentally changed.

Extensive research proves that the traditional shareholder-biased business model, where profit is pursued at the expense of people and planet, is an inferior generator of value.

Instead, a new stakeholder-based business model where greater profit is earned as a natural bi-product of aligning and serving all stakeholders – customers, employees, investors, suppliers, community, and planet – is the most efficient way to maximize growth over the long term.

We have a profound opportunity to elevate humanity through business.
— Michael Porter