Always running late? Try this.

You have enough stress in your life that you can't control. When the pattern of your life is to run late, you're piling more stress on every day and hurting your brand too.

This quick fix will have you running on time immediately, delete that unnecessary stress, and begin repairing your "unreliable" brand:

Stop thinking in minutes, and start thinking in half-hour blocks only.

Say you need to pick up a friend at 8am and it usually takes about 40 minutes to drive there. You're thinking "If I leave at 7:15 I'll actually be 5 minutes early."


You'll try to fit a couple last minute things in before you leave, and then you'll be a little late getting out the door, and then a school bus will be in front of you, and your gas tank will be low, and... You've seen this before, no?

If you're thinking in minutes, you've already lost the game. From now on, the only times you should consider are at the top and bottom of the hour -- nothing in between. So using the example above, you would leave at 7am. No questions asked. It's a simple formula.

But wait - there's more! This system assumes that everything goes perfectly and that it's not important that you're there on time. So if you know you'll need to stop for coffee, fill up with gas or stop at the cleaners, guess what? You bump to the earlier 30-minute mark... in this case, 6:30am. Or, if it's super important that you be on time, same thing applies. Leave at 6:30am.

It's a simple formula that works. Say hello to lower blood pressure, fewer speeding tickets, a better personal brand, and more room to breathe.