Why Every Great Do-er Could Really Use a Beer

There's a good chance you consider yourself "action oriented." You like to actually DO things. You're a do-er.

You get things done and you're constantly on the move. Getting more things done. 

I am not a doer, but I married one. Hell, there's a good chance she's your queen. So I know what I'm talking about when I say that most of you doers out there sure could use a beer. (be-er)

It's not that beers can't get things done, it's just that we can STAND STILL FOR JUST. A. MINUTE.

I know this is odd, but we beers have a crazy knack for doing a mere one thing at once. And we do that one thing pretty well, I might add. Only then do we do another thing. If necessary.

Be-ers like me are kind of like beers from a bottle:

  • We help you relax
  • We help you slow down
  • We like to stay cool
  • We help you enjoy the moment
  • We can bring meaning to even the most insignificant things

Unfortunately, we have one other thing in common: Too much of us, and you're going to go a little crazy. We can be frustrating to you when we just want to think about something for a while. Or when you want to review a to-do list for the weekend. Or when you get a blank stare when you ask "What do you have planned for the summer?"

When a doer and a beer decide to work together - and respect each others' wiring - some pretty cool magic can happen. The doer will see things they wouldn't have seen before. And the beer will be able to see their ideas come to life. The doer will begin bringing more "being" into the workplace and the beer will begin prioritizing things that must be done. I know, because my doer wife and my beer self achieve so much more life and meaning together than either of us can alone.

So if you're a doer, DO yourself a favor and grab a good beer. And enjoy!

But please… use us responsibly. And then get back to work.